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Providing English to Hebrew translations. Working with me will guarantee you:


- Personal service - you will enjoy personal service throughout the work process, since the entire process, from quote to product, is handled personally by me. A straight-forward pleasant work experience.

- Quality translations - I use suitable highly specialized lexicons and perform research for unique terminology, professional jargon, and terms of art, in order to keep the translation true to the source and to convey your message faithfully to your target audience.

Among my clients:


M.C.W. Ltd. 

M.C.W is a company that engages in manufacturing of disinfestations preparations for agriculture and sanitation.


Tamar Marketing Ltd. (L'occitane)

 For this company, I have translated the Israeli "L'occitane" website, using the "L'occitane" internal unique software and concomitantly worked with the website administrator in Paris. Also, I have translated the company's products catalogue.

Website address - www.loccitane.co.il


Made In TLV

a unique and first of its kind chain of souvenir shops, offering only Tel-Aviv related souvenirs.


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Cell phone: +972-50-900-6836
Office: +972-77-508-1116
Fax: +972-72-232-4001

E-mail: info@quality-text.co.il

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